when a group of teenagers walks past you and starts laughing at you for no apparent reason


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So it’s the last day of term and I’m waiting outside class with three other people and we go inside to sit but the teacher isn’t there yet. I feel like the classroom was either English or maybe S&E. Anyway a girl near me yells out “Steven! Bring everyone in here before the teacher comes”. 

I think the rest of the class were trying to skip since it was last day and teacher was late but anyway they all come in and this Steven person ends up sitting at the desk next to mine. I remember his hair was cut exactly like Park Hoon’s in Doctor Stranger xD Except it was jet black.

Anyway teacher eventually arrives and is teaching and Steven takes out his ipad to pick a song and they were all in Japanese. So at this point I thought he was Japanese. I was watching him scroll through the songs cause he was next to me at this point and I remember seeing some Perfume album art :3. So he picks a song and the tune was so familiar!!! I was trying to think what song it was and after about 20 seconds I yell out “YUME NO HAJIMA RING RING!!!!!” and he looked up at me and nodded xD.

Anyway scenery changes and I’m at this nice house on a property of some sort and he’s there and a couple others, and he’s talking and at one point says “동생들” and I thought to myself, ‘dongsaeng? Why am I a dongsaeng if we’re in the same class?”. So we’re walking to this shed and I ask him how old he is and he was like 36 or 37 XD. Totally definitely looked like a high schooler but hey, the dream decides these things. Anyway I go and bear hug him and say “since we’re in Australia, hello friend! But since you’re Korean…”, then I let go and stand infront of him, 90* bow at him and say “ANNYEONGHASEYO OPPA-NIM”. Then he laughed at that and yeah end of dream.






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The Skip Beat! feels are strong in this scene.

I decided to watch the Fated to Love You OST and the eng subs from Eddy Kim’s new song decided to watch it with me.

Some lyrics fit, some don’t xD.


I can’t even remember the last time a Kdrama couple were so fricken cute together. Like all the can’t evens. That level where you have to keep pausing the video to hide your face and squeal and recover before watching again.

All the little interractions they have, the random hugs and hand-holding skipping. And how they’re so honest with each other! Obviously not about the bigger life stuff, but more their feelings in the moment.  How he slowly realised why she was in a bit of a mood when they got back, how they didn’t cut to any sort of bed scene but just kept playing afterwards on the ice and talking about stuff and just being generally cute and  IT’S SO FRICKEN CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT.

Also, there are some awesome indie sounding OST’s at the end of the episodes lately and I’m mad keen for those to be released, mmmmhm.

Since it’s my birthday today I got a free bubble tea :3 

The girl there I’ve only seen a few times but she already remembers my order, Hazelnut is also her favourite flavour, and today we found out we’re the same age xD. 

Anyway onto other good things-

Happy Birthday to Kim Woo Bin!!!!!! :D

High School: Love On reminds me of Shinigami-kun a bit xD.

Both are about this angel/shinigami who is intrigued by humans, doesn’t understand human emotions, and being part of them or trying too hard to empathise with them will eventually threaten the life of the angel/shinigami.

They both also have the book that tells them who’s next to die and have a senior who watches over them to some degree.

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King of Savvy even in dreams

Another Kpop kind of dream! Well maybe more Kdrama xD.

I was at my primary school wheeling mum around and there was some sort of contest going on between one half of the school and the other half. Still not quite sure what. I was pushing mum through these narrow alleys beteen demountable buildings and when we were at the top of the oval watching the people down there, a tall figure ran past us and it was Seo In Guk!

Seo In Guk by name but he was more Lee Min Seok. As he ran past I yelled out “Gukkie!!!!!!!!” and he came on over and gave me a high five :3. He had this stain on his pants near his knee so mum pulled him towards her to try and get the stain off but it didn’t budge so instead she pulled his shoulders down and gave him a hug. I think he was fighting for the side that we were on hence the alliance. Anyway he said bye and started going through an alley between demountables when this shrill “Guk-chuuuuuuu” rang through the place and haha it was Stalker girl from the drama! He brushed her off for the most part but I still felt this tinge of jealousy. 

Not in the romantic sense but more in the friendship sense cause I wanted to be closer with him and the better friend compared to her.

Anyway not much else happened in that dream xD. 

Odd Dream

So I was in IGA and got this Cadbury christmas stocking, you know the plastic thing filled with a few chocolates that are a total rip off? Yeah them. Anyway but this stocking was filled with knives. Legit ones with covers that look like something you’d buy in a firearms store.

The checkout was kind of like that too. The stocking cost $60 haha. I never found out why I was buying it but I was being very secretive about it and trying to hide the knives from people.


Anonymous asked: I don't know where you live, but the highest average women in the world are in Netherlands and Dinaric Alps (around 170 cm). US is 163 cm.. However, in South Korea, the average height for women is just around 160 cm. Therefore, if you're 172-173 cm like Sooyoung, living in a country where the average size of women is more than 10 cm shorter than you.. Yeah, you going to look like a giant..

I knew they were tall within their country, but because of things like heels and camera angles, even short members look quite tall. So I think it deceived me into thinking that Sooyoung and others were not just really tall there but also quite internationally tall.

But going by all those different averages it seems they actually are internationally tall. Australia’s average for women is similar to the US.

I didn’t expect women in general to have such a low average….maybe tall people gravitate towards each other and that’s why I see a lot of tall people. Same with left handers :P