Continuing on from the last PSY dream I had. This time I was watching the M/V and its title was ‘BIRD’ xD. There was other stuff in the title to like ‘+dragons’ and +something else but I can’t remember what it was, I didn’t understand it in the dream so I thought maybe it was give away related or something. Anyway in the scene I was watching, PSY was wearing a red jacket, sunnies, and I think had some sort of stubble xD. The camera was at a lowish angle, and even though I can’t remember how the song sounded it was really fricken good and catchy.

Next Dream:

I was at the stables and there was all this commotion, similar to camp days, and as I walked down two guys passed me! It was Kim Hyo Young, and Jeong Jae-oo from ESD :DD. They had their gear with them and were walking back to the van parked outside. Then I saw Moon Sung Nam!! I remember wanting to waltz right up to him and say hi but I was too shy to so I walked past somehow. As I was walking back he looked at me and says “A…L…EX?”. I spun around and said “YES!! You remember???” though not sure why I thought he’d remember since I haven’t seen them in person before xD. 

But anyway he made a joke about my name showing up a lot, like a stalker(cause I like their posts etc) so I said “haha noooo I’m just very supportive :D”. Thing is he was speaking entirely in English, really good English. I asked him if he studied abroad or grew up in another country and he laughed and was about to tell me but then got ushered back to the van xD. I think that dream stems from a real curiosity, because his pronunciation of English words in songs is reeaally good so I wondered how much he knows.

Another Dream:

I was outside with Clancy man, on my old street, he had a soft fleecy standard rug on and I was putting a sheet over that when this boy who was my old neighbour comes up and starts talking to me and eventually calls me names and stuff exactly like how he used to >.> Anyway I was practising the choreography for a Crayon Pop song(I think Bing Bing) in the bathroom mirror and then the girls were behind me practising in the hall. Weird.

All of that was dreamt in one night xD.

"Tamaki, you idiot" -- Part 1

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Out of all the dramas I’ve seen him in, he definitely looks the best here xD. I had similar thoughts during IHYV when they had a flashback to his young cop days, and he had the ruffled appearance. He really suits this kind of style.







And another new visitor(well new for my eyes around the yard) made an appearance today! There was a whole flock of them in the tree eating, and they dropped so much of the seed exterior that it sounded like it was raining xD.

Captain Crook-foot recently made an appearance after being away during all the warmer months. I think he’s my spirit bird in that sense- only come back for cold weather xD.

He didn’t come back alone though! He brought a lady friend with him :3. I was thinking of calling her Suzy, she looks like a Suzy ^^.

While in the car waiting at some traffic lights there was this lively piano music playing on the radio. Just seeing all the people crossing the roads and walking up and down the streets, accompanied with the music, it made me feel like I was watching a Ghibli film x).

Those busy Japan life scenes, and kinda like the end credits from Whisper of The Heart where everyone’s walking or jogging along that footpath. It was a nice feeling :3


I was in Korea again with vipshinee and the mysterious ‘someone else’. It kinda feels like this is the third dream in a story..

1- trying to get there but deciding not to
2- being there but not prepared
3- being there, doing stuff, and everything going smoothly.

We were outside this giant building sitting at a table waiting to order, I remember the food being western food though lol. There were some weird things on the menu though lol, like weird salads and what not. Chenoah said she’d be coming back to Korea later after visiting Japan so she she didn’t order anything and I think…left on a plane back to Perth xD. Dunno for sure though, she just wasn’t there anymore after that.

Then the next day I went to a cafe and the person who served me spoke english so I gave my order and when picking it up and bowed and said 감사합니다 and as I turned around all the staff were like “ooohhhh her Korean is good!” XD.

Then I was walking down a street at some point and a girl stopped me and asked about my jacket, where I got it from and that it was really nice. That made me super happy cause it’s the new jacket I got yesterday that I’m fricken in love with haha.

Things got a bit weirddd after that and I can’t really remember what happened xD.

Guys acting like aegyo girls give me energy ~(*-*)~

omfg this was fantastic xD.

I’ve noticed this done in a few Kdramas now, I wonder if it’s something that’s actually done in Korean Hospitals, or maybe even many hospitals around the world? 


I….I just really love these two.

So much

The level of perfection in this photo is TOOOOO HIGHHHH


The level of perfection in this photo is TOOOOO HIGHHHH


if you dont support your idol when they’re in a relationship, you weren’t a fan to begin with. 

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            The whole drama summed up in 2 gifs.

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